D.L. Simmons & Company Church Organs

A new organ is an exciting and significant stage in the musical evolution for a congregation and represents a considerable investment. This literature will provide a detailed explanation of the Phoenix Organ to those who have taken on the responsibility of recommending the purchase of a new organ.

There are three distinctive features separating Phoenix Organs from other organ manufacturers. It is important for organ committees and organists to understand these differences.

  1. Phoenix pipe organ samples are by far the finest, most artistic available anywhere.
  2. Every Phoenix, large or small, is hand-crafted and custom built as with a pipe organ.
  3. We use the same high quality electronics and pipe samples in every organ, large or small.

Old-world craftsmanship and the highest standards of excellence  characterize the design and construction of Phoenix consoles, using traditional pipe organ components. Everything about a Phoenix Organ makes it authentic to its pipe organ counterpart.

The Phoenix system was designed from the "ground up", without any technical pre-conceptions, and is not based on or related to ANY existing system! Phoenix is totally unique and autonomous. It is a very flexible organ system.  Everything is custom built and adjustable, even after the organ has been completed, and the number of parameters controlling each note is many times greater than that available to Phoenix competitors.

"Phoenix's ultimate goal is to build for you the best possible musical instrument. One that will give you endless hours of enjoyment, and like all works of art, be totally unique."

The Art of Pipe Sampling.

The building of a fine non-winded organ requires the same quality necessary to build a fine pipe organ- artistic ability. That ability does not come without years of accumulated knowledge and experience with pipe organs. It also takes the God-given talent of a very good ear. Donald W. Anderson, Phoenix North American Tonal Director, has spent his life dedicated to organs, both pipe and electronic. His talent of being able to produce incredible pipe samples from the note-by-note recordings of pipe organs has been heralded on both sides of the Atlantic.

The vehicle by which those fine pipe samples are heard was the brain child of Phoenix developer and director, David Bostock, in England. While other companies only scratch the surface with the available technology, the Phoenix system takes pipe-less organ sound to a new dimension and is the most flexible on the market today. What is most important is that you hear one of our  Phoenix Organs!  We are sure that you will not be disappointed.

"We believe that a pipe organ should be a church's first choice, but if that is not possible, we also believe that Phoenix Organs are the best substitute for the real thing. It may be argued that a good digital organ is better than a poor pipe organ."

Customizations / Options:

Adjustable Organ Bench      
Bench Riser Blocks (NAC)*
Bench Backrest   
Organ Platform
Custom Woods / Stains        
Custom End Panel Designs
Lighted Music Desk      
Lattice-Style Music Desk
Clear Music Desk   
Custom Stoplists
Wood-Core Keyboards            
Custom All-Wood Keyboards
Custom Keyboard Woods 
Harris Drawknobs (NAC)
Taylor Drawknobs(or others)   
Moving-Tab Stop Controls
MIDI Sequencer        
Toe-Piston Choices
Custom Rear Panel          
Custom Speaker Design
Utility Finish Speakers (NAC)       
Presentation Finished Speakers
Phoenix AcoustiCube Speakers       
Phoenix Mini-Cube Speakers
Doubled Sub-Woofers         
Extended-Length Speaker Cables         
Voicing Software
On-Site Voicing Consultant of Your Choice
(subject to our approval; added cost may apply)
(*NAC = No Additional Charge. 
All other options and customizations have specific additional costs.)

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