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Introducing a NEW kind of Virtual Pipe Organ!

The Oratoire by Phoenix is absolutely state of the new art of digital organ building using the best and most reliable PC based technology to produce a truly amazing and inspirational pipe organ sound.

The Oratoire by Phoenix offers top tier quality, features, and sound at a price point that is stunningly low for this level of quality.

The Oratoire by Phoenix can be the next organ for your Church, Chapel, or Home.

The Oratoire by Phoenix has many desirable features:
·        Standard PC running Linux with Solid-State HardDrive (no moving parts)
·        3 Specifications, all 3 specs can play simultaneously for an amazing sound
         (no other maker offers this!)
·        Equipped with WIFI Network Device for remote connection from the Phoenix facility for help or diagnostics
·        Comfortable consoles built to AGO standards / 2 manual and 3 manual models
·        Consoles are available in one of five stain colors on oak
·        3 Weighted, tracker touch keyboards reinforced with hardwood platform to eliminate flexing
·        Acrylic Music Desk and LED light for pedal board
·        Swell and Great Expression Pedals
·        6 General, 4 Divisional, Couplers, Set and Cancel thumb pistons
·        100 Independent Combination Memory Levels
·        2.1 audio is standard, with 8 main audio channels optional
·        Console will also run Hauptwerk (Note: your choice of one HW sample Set)
Standard Audio is 2.1 Channels. Option 4.1 or more channels

Available in the 3-manual LTV341J / LTV341H, or the 2-manual LTV253J / LTV253H  ("J" denotes Phoenix Samples / "H" denotes Haupwerk Sample Set)
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