D.L. Simmons & Company Church Organs

"D.L. Simmons & Company was a pleasure to work with on two different projects simultaneously. While the two [Phoenix] organs they installed had very different functions, both were of the highest quality and David Simmons helped us through every step of the way. He was also able to provide a superior product at a much lower price point than any of the major competitors in the digital organ market. I would highly recommend D.L. Simmons & Company for anyone seeking a digital organ for a church or home."
                    ~~Austin Speaker~~

"First of all, a million thanks for a job really wonderfully done with my new Phoenix. I cannot tell you what a joy it is to be able to work at home on an instrument that makes music so remarkably well. It is beautifully built, feels absolutely right to play, and delights the ear constantly. It was my constant concern that a digital organ would eventually bore my ears while working at music. I've spent quite a lot of hours sitting at that instrument over the last couple of days, and my ears are constantly refreshed. Bravo all the way around. Again, this is a wonderful instrument and I am already planning a couple of house recitals for a few different circles of friends over the next few months. This will definitely open a few musical ears around here."   ~~Haig Mardiriosian
[...Haig is a concert organist and organ consultant in the US.  Former Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Music at American University, Washington DC, currently Dean, College of Arts and Letters; Professor, Music at the University of Tampa, and has written for Diapason Magazine]

"I write to share with you some reflections concerning Manresa House of Retreat's acquisition last year of a Phoenix PT234 organ for our Sacred Heart Chapel. Mr. Dave Simmons was the person with whom we dealt. He was most professional and accommodating.With the addition of our new PhoenixPT234 organ the quality of the music has greatly improved. The tonal quality of this instrument is excellent, and the vide variety of sounds produced is compatible with our historic building. In fact many people have thought the Phoenix Organ is a real pipe organ. Given that the PT234 is one of the smaller organs produced by Phoenix, we are impressed as to its wide versatility and high level of performance. Likewise, we have been favorably impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship of the organ console and bench. It is a beautiful instrument in every sense of the term."
                  -- Tim Murphy, Director; Manresa House of Retreats, Convent, LA

"You have given us so much - this year our musical program before Christmas midnight Mass has been expanded from 30 minutes to an hour for the first time, and all because of the lovely Phoenix organ. besides carols with the choir, and Dandrieu etc., we have duets planned for harp and organ, and the chimes will strike the hour of midnight… it's going to be great..." 
                   -- M. Pendergraft, St. Michael's Catholic Church

"After a couple days playing it [the Phoenix Organ], he remarked that he believes this organ will actually sound better than the Casavant tracker he plays at his church.  He was also surprised that the touch of the keyboards "feel" so much like - and respond so much like - the keyboards on the tracker.  That's high praise from a organist with a PhD in organ that won't even take a church job unless they have a tracker action pipe organ!

"Bottom line for us was the Phoenix represented great value, great musical quality, a true organist's console, and a company with a solid reputation."

"In my opinion the Phoenix system is excellent.  We have been looking at extending the pipe organ at our church with some additional digital stops, and selected the Phoenix system for this purpose.  I went to hear an installation of such a hybrid... It was truly stunning, and it was pretty much impossible to tell which were genuine pipes versus the the digital stops."

"First of all, let me say just how very pleased I am with the outcome of the organ [at Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church in New Orleans]. It is excellent and has transformed the Church. There were so many positive comments and I for one felt that I was back in England playing in an English Cathedral. .... I will be recommending it to any and all that need a new organ."     -- J. Patrick Hough, S.J.

"Your people have been most helpful. They certainly know the product and have been able to answer almost every question I put to them. This is something none of the other companies could do, or would do!  I've asked a lot of questions of a lot of people and your people are the only ones with the answers..."
                                  --Craig Anderson

"We chose Phoenix for our builder for several reasons. First of all, it will be a completely custom built console, for about the same price as "off-the-shelf" organs from the "major" players. …The sales rep, D.L. Simmons & Company, was very responsive to my request for information (unlike every other brand I contacted). The more we looked at and listened to Phoenix, the more we liked it."  
                                  -- Paul Culp, Organist  - St. Mark's Episcopal

"I have heard and played a Phoenix and it was quite breathtaking. …… I've found Phoenix will build a custom instrument for about what other organ builders will give you a stock model for ...according to quotes I've received, they will actually build one for less. The Phoenix consoles for me anyways, leave absolutely nothing to be desired, ... not to mention that the Phoenix console was much more comfortable in general, and just looked so insanely massive."

"I didn't realize it was not a pipe organ...", Streetsville Phoenix Organ.
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