D.L. Simmons & Company Church Organs
Phoenix Organ Model PD 364                                                         Three-Manual Organ

  • 256 stops -64 stops on each of four specifications
  • All pipe samples can be identified as to the organ and church from which they were recorded
  •  High resolution orchestral stops on Specification 4
  • 4 Specifications - American Romantic, German Baroque, French and Orchestral/Organ
  • General Toe and General Thumb Pistons, Divisional Thumb Pistons and Pedal Toe Pistons 
  • Klann Organ Supply Thumb Pistons and Toe Pistons from Syndyne.
  • Choice of Brass or Chrome toe pistons and Expression Pedals as standard
  • 16 Independent Combination Memory Levels for ea. specification, totaling 64 (up to 99 optional)
  • Swell, Choir Expression Pedals and Programmable Crescendo Pedal  
  • Expression and Crescendo Pedal Indicators (Bar Graphs)
  • MIDI couplers for each Division in the event Hauptwerk is added in future
  • Harris Drawknobs and Peterson D-Style Coupler Tabs (used by many pipe organ builders)
  • Organ can be easily interfaced with pipes at any time
  • Console will be custom stained to match church furnishings
  • Only top quality hardwoods and veneers used in console     /    Solid Oak locking roll top
  • AGO pedal board has Select Canadian Maple caps w/ Ash as with pipe organ pedal boards
  • 3 Keyboards are tracker touch
  • Lighted Acrylic Music Desk  (Lighted, Lattice Desk optional) and LED light for pedal board
  • Note-by-note and stop-by-stop voicing using 11 different voicing parameters
  • LCD operated by three thumb pistons - FN, Plus and minus
  • Transposer +6, -6 (12 Key)     /     Auto Pedal     /     Console Clock is standard
  • Reverb Level and Length Adjustments
  • Fine Tuning Control     /     Master Volume Control
  • 4  Temperaments - Equal, Werkmeister, Silberman and Velotti
  • Minimum of 9 Main audio channels
  • Reverberation System is Lexicon MX300 Processor 
  • Furman Power Sequencer with built-in surge protection and line conditioning  
                                                                                                                          Specifications Subject to Change